Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Latvia 2012 - Paula Dukure - Celebration

There must be something strange in Riga's water supply at the moment. Either that or the creative director on Latvian telly has changed his medication. How else can you explain the barrage of sartorial lunacy that's coming out to their selection process this year.

The Mad Show Boys are clearly a (possibly slightly too) clever parody, while Maia must have had some earth mother reasoning behind her curious garb, but what's Ms Dukure's excuse?

She sits there in some giant Regency birthday cake, belting out her tune as if something big's going to happen. Will she step from the cake to reveal some spangly gold shorts? Is it going to explode? Will birds fly down from the trees and eat her alive? Sadly none of the above. The eventual pay off is amusing, if slightly lame, but you can guarantee that in a parallel universe, a dormful of teenage Daleks are working up an oily sweat…

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