Monday, 30 January 2012

France 2012 - Anggun - Echo (You and I)

France continue their roll of quality and established performers singing well-produced and radio friendly tunes that are ultimately destined for mid-table anonymity.

This year we have the Indonesian-born Anggun, a woman of strong voice and exotic look, skilfully belting out a light-hearted danced-up tune that could quite easily have come from a recent Kosheen comeback - had Kosheen not been kak.

Unlike many of this year's hopefully it sounds like a song in its own right, rather than something specifically written for this funny old contest, be we fear that it just doesn't have the hooks to lure in the voting public.

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  1. The problem is the three intros in 15 seconds screams "put the kettle on now" and no bugger will hear the frankly radio-average bit in the middle.

  2. Is that the real start? I just thought that was just some comedy conceit to wind up the fans! My, that puts a whole different complexion on things!