Saturday, 10 March 2018

San Marino 2018 - Jessika (feat. Jenifer Brening) - Who We Are

How did this slip by us without our notice? In a crowded week of qualifying we bypassed the eminently dodgy looking pay-to-play international battle of the bands that was the San Marinese process. Well, it smelled of haddock from first announcement to final play, and we don't much care for the seafood around these parts.

But after all that, the winning song isn't ALL that horrific, and it does take some of the heat off the organisers, seeing as our Zoe's Austrian bessie didn't win as everyone expected/feared that she would. But util today we'd never seen the performance that Jess and Jen had bagged the showbiz ticket with.

What where they thinking?

Why were those robots even there at all? I mean, they're better than that terrible attempt by Latvia in Athens all those years ago, but it was still some cheesy assed shizz, and hampered the girls in their leaping about somewhat. But who styled them? Big white billowy pantsuit matched with some deliberately crafted street clothes for the rap bit, while they both made sure their folds of spare robots didn't knock over one of the robot lads.

This is pure visual folly in song form. I don't suspect it'll do quite as badly in Lisbon as some fear, but if they elect to continue this stage show there'll be more than a few guffaws come showtime!


  1. To be fair to Jessika, this was the reprise, she was emotional getting to Eurovision on her 8th attempt and the snot wasn't part of the original performance! However, this result appears to be so contrived now, what with Jenifer's links to the top brass of 1 in 360 and the fact that five acts got 12 points in the public vote, thereby making this a jury vote and leaving the other six acts with no chance of winning before they even sung, that the whole process of 1 in 360 has been totally discredited.

    I know that you thought that Sara was going to walk it with her Austrian links but it has become clear that this wasn't the twist in the tail. Her entry was by far and away the best in the Final though - San Marino had one chance of a second qualifier AND even a LHS Final finish with "Out Of The Twilight" but they blew it...

  2. You've put up the reprise version instead of the robots version.... You may want to change that since you mention the robots and that was the really bizarre version. By the way, is no one seeing any similarity to Mans' "Heroes" song here?

  3. Thanks for putting up the robot version :-)