Monday, 18 September 2017

Montenegro 2018 - Vasilije - Just Wanted To Be Free

(Click here for the wails…)

Another regular early adopter is young Vasilije here. It's frequently suggested around this time of year that he might be the automatic selection for his home nation of Montenegro - although those suggestions do actually come mainly from him, it must be said.

And while our pals in Podgorica are prone to making many of the more delightfully left field attempts at our fair contest over the last few year, we suspect that they're unlikely to be going to whole hog and anointing this laddy any time soon.

Why can we be so certain of that? Just have a listen for yourself and you'll see why. If this was three years ago it would have been the first on the Swiss list of application hopefuls.


  1. Oh boy... 2018 is already the WORST YEAR EVER!!!


  2. More than the worst. It's the worst two at the same time!

  3. This song captures the sound of a badly compressed mp3, for that authentic retro turn-of-the-millennium feel.

  4. Not wishing to rain on Vasilije's parade but on the YouTube listing it says that the music is "Love Me Stronger" by Adam Jordan. The date listed for that on Amazon is MAY 10th...

    Burned by the "September 1st" rule...

    That and the fact he can't sing! Even Yvie Burnett and Carrie Grant would admit defeat with this guy!

    1. This is how he rolls. All his previous Eurovision entries have been based around pre-existing instrumental tracks. I'm not sure if the original composers are aware of this...

  5. It's not every year that a national selection wannabe goes straight into my "Musical endurance" playlist!