Thursday, 2 March 2017

Greece 2017 - Demy - This Is Love

Oh by heck if one of Demy's songs in Greece hasn't leaked and all hell has broken loose. Very late last night a WeTransfer file started being swapped around the darker recesses of the ESC web, before somebody planted it rather unsubtly front of house, and now there's people in a proper tizzy about it.

"It must be banned!" some bleat. "Utter Greek chaos!" other enthuse. "Top three guaranteed!" yet more over excite. But what's it actually like? Well surprisingly, pretty decent. Starting off all ballady and meaningful, it swiftly switches up into a very serviceable Mediterraneo dance pop number, before hitting the strings in a considerably more subtle manner than the Houdek lad. But it's the end that gets you.

Chugging along nicely, you can just sense that the songwriters are looking at their watches. In the real world this would repeat to fade, but we're on a deadline here. So they just bung the most cheesy Eurovision-flavoured end-piece on, and it just stops. The random, cloying we-are-one-world faces that were scattered thoughtlessly throughout the clip would be staring out of the screen in confusion had they been allowed to live that long. But instead we get a longshot of our Demy looking all meaningful sat outside a Ukrainian theatre. You see what they did there! This is Frances Ruffelle in a Union Jack jumper obvious!

If this song is already causing a subtle hoo haa, there's no way that the Greeks are going to bin it off. After all, there are no rules - what is this... a sport?


  1. Is that *&^%ing Fotis from oinko as one of the la-la-las at the 2:26 mark? I think I just heaved a little in my mouth....

  2. Surely it can't be - he's smiling!