Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Switzerland 2016 - Nico Honey - MamBoy

Erm, considering the speed that Swiss telly are pulling down any submitted video with even a hint of old age or controversy, we're somewhat startled that nobody's pointed out this cheeky little blighter to them yet...

Shall we tell 'em? Nah, it'll be funnier if we don't...


  1. I must be very dumb because I don't know what the fuss is...?
    (runs off and hides in ignorant shame)

    1. Not dumb, just differently cultured.

      This was a massive Swedish final near miss from five years back with just one letter of the title changed. As such it's cheeky genius!

  2. I've been enjoying Switzerland's complete disregard for vetting videos for a long time, but this just takes the biscuit. The Swiss should definitely take it to Stockholm next year, i'm sure they'd love it :D

  3. I like to think that "MamBoy" is short for "mammary boy".