Thursday, 18 December 2014

Moldova 2015 - Nash Milani - Hyenas

So the Moldovan shortlist came out yesterday. Rather than the original 60 promised, they cut it down to first 57, then a more crisp 50. Of course, all the songs that you and I like got snipped in the second cut - most criminally Sasha's Wounded Swan - boo!

But there was some welcome quality control. Obviously the Belarussian zombie chancers got the eventual snip. And then there was this. Hyenas. 

Haunted sounding 1981 post punk techno doesn't quite cover it - and you should see what they rhyme the song's title with. Sit back and, erm, enjoy. And to think, ex-X Factor desperado Kitty Brucknell got further than this.

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  1. The rhyme with hyenas is the kind of English-as-a-second-language anomaly that only Eurovision can provide. It's so wrong-but-right that it could only come from a foreign take on our native tongue.