Monday, 22 December 2014

Cyprus 2015 - Lady Ava - The Key Is Love

Clap your eyes on this little beauty. While we're glad that someone in Cyprus has had the nerve to think outside the box and try their luck with something that wasn't either holiday disco or a doe-eyed ballad, Lady Ava here may have just been a tad too ambitious with her spooky bit of pub goth.

The video is only very short, and a bit spit spotty here and there, but you'll soon get the gist.

The key is love? The key is undetermined, more like...

Underlying © lays with the owners of the clips.


  1. Nothing like 'building bridges' with slightly toneless goth horror! "We can be free", er maybe if you're not representing Cyprus!

  2. Hey Lady Ava! I seem to have accidentaly deleted your comments. My fault for trying to read the site first thing in the morning, on my phone, without my glasses. Please feel free to repost. All views are welcome here! Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Hello Roy...its ok no worries... :) We will be able to upload our foull songs by the end of January 2015, so then youll all have the actioual thing to listen!. If its ok, for now im olnly aloud to share my MOLDOVA entry fro this year, i hope youll dance to this beat...thanks again :) Love Lady Ava

    2. At last, a dance track by someone who actually dances!

      Nice work Ava! Keep in touch!

  3. I've managed to track down the comment from Lady Ava that I accidentally deleted, and here it is. Now don't I feel the meanie!

    "Thank you for your kind words, though yes I was with a flu and couldn't actually sing lol... love lady ava."