Thursday, 16 October 2014

Switzerland 2015 - Thierry Condor - Open Heart Surgery

When they're looking to define the phrase 'ill-advised concept' to future generations, they'll use this clip to help carry over the deeper meaning of the term. What in the name of hell were they thinking?

It's bad enough that our Thierry has the voice of a child and the face of a soap opera murderer. But surely at some point someone must have pointed out that this whole sorry production - song, video, jolly japes and all - wasn't actually funny, and to many would be deeply upsetting.

I'm not sure what passes for larks these days down in the Northern Swiss city of Aarau where Mr Condor hails from, but surely it can't be hamfisted cover versions of gags from 50s British medical dramas. And the best thing of all is, by the look in his eyes, Thierry boy thinks he's onto a winner here.

Glory be to the Swiss open admissions period - keeps me in Apocalypse fuel for months! 

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