Thursday, 23 October 2014

Switzerland 2015 - Fly - Voice for Youth

All the ingredients suggest that I really, REALLY shouldn't like this song. Some librarian nan is giving out hints for a happy life to children in what feels like a local community centre fundraiser. You see, you've made up your mind about it already.

But somehow, lord knows how, it's ended up being an utterly charming little number. The music sounds like Underworld covering Family Fodder - or some other post punk hippy beat collective of the early 80s. And Angelina's happy proclamations come over more like brain aerobics for the youth than any kind of social worker badgering.

I'd love to see this make the final - just to see how they'd stage it. Although to be fair, the old girl seems to be struggling to keep time in recorded form, so it could go seriously awry on stage. That being said, this has quite accidentally ended up being an early Apocalypse fave. We must be getting old...

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  1. You need to watch this