Friday, 28 November 2014

Switzerland 2015 - The Vad Vuv – Ein Cocktail der Fantasie

Ooh hang about, we might have gotten ourselves a half-decent song on the Swiss shortlist. How did this sneak through?

As was to be expected, said shortlist, quite co-incidentally of course, was completely devoid of anyone not claiming to be from within the Cantons or without a video that looked like a record company had spent a few quid on it. And in the main it's a bit of a drab affair. But this little folksy popsy slice of raggle taggle caught our ear.

The creepy video only adds to its allure - although a quick search on Google Pics reveals them to be an ugly bunch of muso seniors in unnecessary ties and pork pie hats. Let's hope they've got a little bit of stomp left in their ageing knees, because I wouldn't begrudge seeing this on the big stage in Vienna.

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