Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Switzerland 2014 - Lisa Stoll und SängerFREUNDe - Mountains

The Swiss have missed a trick here. One of the intentions with Eurovision is surely to showcase the best elements of your national culture to the wider continent and beyond. So why they didn't shortlist this little gem from Appenzellerland is beyond me!

There's none more Swiss!

The song itself is either a work of deliberate Dadaist genius, or is a little bit rubbish, but quite accidentally became one of the best things ever, despite itself.

I just wish the bloke in the specs would take his hands out of his pockets…

(Be warned, you'll be singing this all day!)

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  1. We are very sorry that we are not there. Thank you for your contribution.
    What do others think about this?

    Hans Jürg Freund

  2. Awesome! I'll be playing this again!

  3. Absolutely loved it, Hans. I so wish this would have got to Denmark - or even just your national final - especially looking at the dreary stuff that did get through!

    It's a bit early to ask, but you thinking of trying again next year?