Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Switzerland 2014 - Cem-Ion – Shadow

And so it begins…

Eurovision 2014 has now officially begun, as Switzerland have launched their annual, frequently painful open submissions process in the vain hope of pulling out at least a few hopefuls from the sea of hopeless.

As it turns out, the very first four songs submitted are probably the macrocosm of what to expect from this whole sorry affair. The aging acoustic neverwas, the dreary cod funk cobblers, a pneumatic bird from abroad with some empty Hi NRG fluff and a queeny loner in his bedroom. Anything that's not that should get into the final...

Of the dozen or so tunes already submitted (apart from the ones that have already been taken down!), Cem-lon's effort here is probably the most hapless. Look at the camera, mate, not your word sheet. Be warned - this isn't as bad as it's going to get!

Videos from Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen. Underlying © lays with the owners of the clips.

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