Wednesday, 6 March 2013

UK 2013 - Bonnie Tyler - Believe In Me

Oh my.

After months of rumours about a whole raft of vaguely interesting contemporary pop acts, ranging from Girls Aloud to Paloma Faith to Jessy J to (at a push) Alexandra Burke, a number of British papers are sneaking out the news that the UK have chosen a true megalith of history.

Bonnie Tyler.

Oh well.

Let's hope that it's all part of some massive disinformation push, and that they're actually going to reveal that it's One Direction - or better still, Motorhead - in a week or so.

And if it is the throaty Ms Tyler, let's hope it's not the drear of a song that the papers are suggesting.

Who we sending next year? Bruce Forsyth?

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  1. If it is THAT song, then this is just a way of dragging out our withdrawal from the contest next year. Zzzzzzzz.

  2. And I'll bet that's where those Bonnie Langford stories originated from last week!

  3. Just wondering if next year, the BBC is going to digg out Freddie Mercury?