Monday, 25 February 2013

Romania 2013 - Elena Cârstea Muttart - Spinning

I know how your next three minutes is going to pan out. You'll start the video and immediately ask yourself: "What's he showing me this for?" And it's true, it doesn't hold much immediate promise.

Someone's Nan in a slightly unbecoming frock nervously singing a stock ballad with some awkward Eastern Balkan diction... you're right, it doesn't initially bode too well. Then the chorus kicks in and you start to smirk a bit.

And that's when it hits you.

Almost out of nowhere it starts to get under your skin, and by the time it's finished you'll be hitting repeat to try and work out why you ended up loving it after such an unprepossessing start. And it's exactly that strange, indescribable power that got it into the Romanian final. You just can't take your eyes off it.

I'd be worried, TVR. You've created a monster

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