Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Lithuania 2013 - Timohi - Time For Life

Now we're talking! After all that amateurish Swiss cobblers, our mates in Lithuania have finally kicked the live shows off with proper Eurovisionistic gusto. And this here is all you want…

A couple of jocular skinheads in regional fabrics and homemade instruments bouncing out a happy-go-lucky little folk pop gem? Perfect!

It did take us a fair while to realise it was being sung in English, mind…

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  1. Reminds me a bit of 2012's Moldovan entry. I'd bet money right now on this making it to the contest and the final.

  2. WAIT WAIT WAIT are we just going to gloss over the fact that the top entry from the other Lituanian semi-final was a love song called "Loreen" with the lyric, "Loreen, I want to be your son"?


  3. Yes, yes, we are Asher, because it wasn't actually very good!