Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Switzerland 2013 - Lys Assia und New Jack – All In Your Head

Oh my life. When I first heard that Uncle Ralph Siegal was writing a new song for lovely nan Lys Assia with a view to representing Switzerland again at next year's Eurovision I fully expected  it to be another syrupy ballad about the old days.

When someone told me that it was going to be a hip hop tinged pop tune with a bunch of young lads with the rather out-of-date name New Jack, I thought one of my fellow Eurovisionists was having a jolly jape.

Then I found this little snippet.

Oh my.

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  1. "Hello, how is the flow?" might just be the single worst line in any song, ever.

  2. Especially when it's an 88-year-old woman saying it, Asher...if it doesn't make it to Malmö, it can always be used in ads for Depends or Tena...