Friday, 28 January 2011

Estonia 2011 - Meister & Mari - Unemati

You can always rely on the Estonians to fill their final with a huge bundle of strange and curious songs. They're always a mix of etherial weirdness, unexpectly chunky guitar pop and bonkers electronica, but the one that's burrowing into our consciousness like some virulent worm is the insistant Unemati by a slightly unsettling mob called Meister & Mari.

It all starts like some innocent late sixties children's TV theme, but the more they repeat the song's title over and over again in the chorus soon gets under your skin, and you begin to feel like you're trapped in a small  box with them, and the walls are closing in. And that was before you see the video. Altogether now: Unemati Unemati Unemati Unemati Unemati Unemati Unemati

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